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All of our ciders are crafted from 100% pure English apple juice, with all of the apples coming from Milton Keynes and the South Northamptonshire countryside (within a 12 mile radius). The fresh juice is allowed to cold ferment slowly using naturally occurring 'wild' yeasts. This process can take 4 to 6 months or more. The cider is then allowed to mature for at least a further 12 - 18 months before being bottled. Occasionally we add a small amount of raw cane sugar to help balance the acidity, or to assist with secondary fermentation.

As we only use local fruit and cannot always get enough of particular varieties to make a large batch, many of our ciders are therefore 'seasonal' meaning that there isn't enough to last all year round. Some of our cider's we can make larger batches and are 'regular' and therefore available all year round.

We think our ciders are best drunk chilled, but equally can be enjoyed over ice, and all are superb with all kinds of foods (making a great alternative 
to wine). If you prefer your cider a touch sweeter then there’s no need to miss out on the great apple flavour, just try mixing with lemonade or tonic water to get your preferred taste.

Our ciders are available in 330ml bottles (including 3 bottle gift packs) or on draught. For parties and beer festivals, our cider is also available in 20 litre 'bag in box' or 9 gallon firkins. At the cidery shop you can also purchase in 1 litre glass flagons, or 4.5 pint plastic (reusable) firkins, 10 or 20 litre bag-in-box (to order). 

Please contact us for availability.



A biennial medium dry cider made predominantly from a single variety apple, also called Falstaff (funny that!). Packed full of fruit and with a great taste of freshly pressed apples, Falstaff combines light acidity with a rich sweetness to create a cider with a real tang. Falstaff apples are in short supply so we don't always get enough of them to do a batch every year.


Hop in CiderHop in Cider

At Virtual Orchard we think that sometimes its good to be different. So, to add a little extra tropical zing to this great blend of 

apples, we've added just a few specially selected Citra hops. Hop in Cider is medium dry and a great summer cider which may even convert the odd real ale buff who loves his hoppy ales. If you dare to be different then why not try a Hop in Cider.


Hard CoreHard Core

Our original and award winning dry cider having achieved the acclaimed CAMRA Gold Medal Champion Cider of Britain in 2011. All of the fruit in Hard Core is harvested from private orchards, many forgotten, where the fruit would otherwise have gone to waste. Hard Core contains a great mix of culinary and dessert apples, many of which are heritage varieties no longer available on the high street.


Hogshead 5.5%Hogshead 5.5%

A medium session cider. this light cider blends the rich acidity of the classic Bramley apple with the delicate sweetness and flavour of the contemporary Gala apple.  This is a deliciously thirst quenching cider, pale straw in colour and perfect for those who may be new to the world of real cider or, like All About Eve, for those who are looking for a more delicate taste.



All About EveAll About Eve

A delightfully light and refreshing medium dry cider, pale straw in colour with a crisp appley nose. This is a great cider particularly suited to those who may be new to real cider and who are perhaps looking for a more delicate taste.


Wharf CiderWharf Cider

A seasonal West County style cider made entirely from cider apples taken from an old orchard owned by The Parks Trust Milton Keynes (managed by our good selves) and situated in Woughton on the Green near the centre of the new town. The apples are brought by canal boat to the cidery wharf where they are carefully blended and allowed to mature for 2 years. Some Wharf Cider is aged in French oak for 3-6 months. Although dry, this cider is mellow from its time in oak and will satisfy the most stringent of cider connoisseurs. Only small quantities are matured in oak.

SIDE EFFECTS 6% (new blend)

Side Effects 6%Side Effects 6%A medium dry cider blended from specially selected eating and cooking apples to give a delicately flavoured cider ideal for sipping rather than quaffing. This light cider can be deceptive... so watch out for the side effects!


Saxon Aelle 5.5%Saxon Aelle 5.5%

This is a fruity medium dry cider with a real tang. Made from five early varieties of apple. Aelle was the first king of the South Saxons and, with his three sons, famously did battle with the Britons on a regular basis and won. Upon returning to his home after battle we're sure he would have loved to sit back and enjoy a glass of this fine traditional cider.

Cider ClausCider Claus

CIDER CLAUS 6% (seasonal). As winter draws in and the days and nights become cooler, what better than a glass of cider enriched with the natural and warming essences of exotic spices. Cider Claus is a medium sweet winter classic which can be equally enjoyed chilled or, when your cockles need warming, heated through. Christmas isn't Christmas without a glass of Cider Clause.

Coachbuilder Cider from Wharf DistilleryCoachbuilder Cider from Wharf Distillery

COACHBUILDER CIDER 4% (with a hint of...)

Using one of our base ciders we now offer real cider with a hint of one of the following natural flavours: toffee, blackberry, ginger, or other flavours available upon request. These ciders are available as medium sweet.

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