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"The two most powerful warriors are patience and time." - Leo Tolstoy


On 23rd January 2018 Cattle Creep Cask I was released, with almost all the 42.9% strength bottles going to those who had pre-ordered and then patiently waited for our countdown timer to reach zero. We hope that it was worth the wait. We have certainly received some fantastic reviews from those who cracked open their bottle shortly after receiving it. And why not, we didn’t create Cattle Creep to gather dust in a dark closet after all.

There are a handful of the 42.9% bottling still left and we will be announcing how you might get your hands on one of these quite soon. We are also soon to announce how you might get hold of a bottle from the second (and final) release from Cask I. This is a very special cask-strength expression cut at 58.8% with only around fifty 70cl bottles available. We are very keen to ensure that our limited run whiskies are enjoyed and savoured by our loyal distillery followers. As such, the majority of the cask-strength expression will be reserved for those who are able to collect in person from the distillery shop. Keep an eye on our web page and/or Instagram for announcements.

Further casks of Cattle Creep are slowly maturing in our cellars and pre-orders for Cask II will taken soon. Watch this space…


Cattle Creep Whisky is the creation of Dan Bonner of Concrete Cow Brewery (Milton Keynes’ first micro brewery), and Laurence Conisbee of Wharf Distillery (formerly Virtual Orchard – Milton Keynes’ first cider makers and craft distillers). By combining their expertise: the brewer’s art of blending different malts with the distiller’s skill in taking the perfect cuts, then matching the output with a serious piece of oak, they believed they could create a distinctive English whisky unlike any other.

This uncommon collaboration has taken the conventional then added a number of twists to bring tradition into the 21st century. Whilst the end result will be whisky, the journey from selecting the malt to filling the cask has been far from what might be expected of this age old spirit. The Cattle Creep spirit, or new make, was put into a Madeira cask on 28th October 2015 with a scheduled release date of December 2018. Initially there will be a limited release of 70cl bottles at £110 per bottle. Later there will be a special release of a distillers cask-strength cut.

Click here to read more about our Cattle Creep English whisky.


Bottle reservations of the first release of Cattle Creep (Cask I) are now closed. We will be opening up bottle reservations for the first release of Cask II very soon. More details to follow.


Cattle Creep Whisky


Concrete Cow Brewery was Milton Keynes’ very first brewery, founded in 2007 by Dan Bonner. Today Dan creates fantastic real ale as well as craft keg, and the brewery has it’s owning canning line, which also offers a canning service to other micro breweries. Dan carefully select the malted barley, and then made the wort before handing the reigns over to Laurence for the next stage in the Whisky making process.

Laurence Conisbee founded Wharf Distillery when he wanted to started creating an apple brandy from his traditional ciders. Once the copper pot still Velocity was commissioned in 2014, it wasn’t long before Laurence started talking to his friend Dan about other spirits. Laurence ferments Dans wort and then distills 3 times in Velocity before decanting the full strength liquor into a Madeira cask.

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