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If you have your own fruit and would like to make your own juice, cider, fruit presses or cordials, then we have some great equipment for hire.


40L Hydropress & Centrifugal Mill
for hire from Wharf Distillery

For quantities of fruit from 30Kg we have two superbly simple and efficient 40 litre hydropresses with compatible centrifugal mills available for hire by the day (24 hour period). The crushers are 2000w/2200w mains powered machines capable of crushing up to a tonne of fruit per hour. Apples are simply put whole in the top and a good fine pulp is created by rotating steel blades.

The hydropresses work by putting the crushed apple pulp around a central rubber bladder. Once the lid is then firmly screwed down, the bladder is inflated with water by connecting the hose to your home water supply. Each pressing requires around 30Kg of apples and will yield 15-18 litres of juice. 3-4 pressings per hour are easily achievable and up to 600kg of apples could be comfortably pressed in one day (1200kg if both presses are used in tandem).

Although ideal for individual households, this kit would also be great when hired by communities to press fruit from multiple households, e.g. at a village apple day.

Please note that if running the centrifugal mill from a petrol/diesel generator/inverter then you will need one rated to at least 4Kw.

HIRE COST £50 per 24 hours (minimum hire is 24 hours)

Credit/debit card required as deposit

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