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Fyr Drenc [fur] [drengk] Anglo-Saxon n. fire drink. Triple distilled using four types of malted barley to produce an elegant spirit reflective of the English countryside. Smooth, sweet notes, subtle smokiness and a lingering finish.


Available as our regular: light and fruity, and then with two occasional variants: Beech Smoked, for those who prefer a smokey, Islay-style single malt; and Chestnut cask-aged, offering a hint of woody sweetness. More variants to follow over time, so watch this space.

There are so many factors to consider when creating quality spirits and with our Fyr Drenc grain spirit we wanted to demonstrate that flavour is more important than age. Even without spending 3 years in wood, spirits derived from malted barley can have great flavour complexity and integrity. By using high quality malted barley from the oldest floor maltings in the UK, then slowly fermenting the wort with specialist yeasts designed to draw out rich fruit flavours, we achieve superb layers of flavour before we even get it into the copper pot. Triple distilling allows us to optimise flavour and aroma whilst achieving a purity of spirit that dances on the tongue. We hope you agree.

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Original, Beech Smoked, Sweet Chestnut

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Helen Butcher
Excellent service & products

Thank you so much for posting some whiskey for Fsahers Day. It was a lovely surprise for my Dad and he is really enjoying the whiskey!. Great service thank you & excellent products too.

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