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Æppel Drenc | English Apple Brandy 40%


Æppel Drenc English apple brandy 40% | Oak Cask-aged


Æppel Drenc [ee-uh l] [drengk] Anglo-Saxon n. apple drink. Crafted entirely from hand-picked, hand-pressed English apples, wild yeasts and time, distilled to optimise flavour and aroma. Our modest interpretation of the quintessential English apple. Made entirely with culinary and dessert fruit grown in Northamptonshire. Triple distilled.

Available as our regular and also in an oak-aged expression:

Oak Cask-aged: For those who prefer subtle oakiness, or just something more akin to Calvados. This expression takes some of our delicious apple brandy and leaves it to refine in new European oak casks for 9 months. The result is a stunningly warm, woody spirit, hints of vanilla, subtle tannins and a long finish. Definitely one to sip by the fire on a long winter’s evening.

Bottle Size

5cl, 35cl, 70cl


Original, Oak Cask-aged

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