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Lemon Hello 20%


Lemon Hello 20%

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Lemons Lemons Lemons! We’ve taken loads of lovely Sicilian lemons, squeezed them, fermented them, then distilled them with their skins on to produce an intensely zesty, sharp, tangy, crazy lemon spirit. And if that’s not enough, we then add fresh lemon juice too and absolutely nothing else. Brilliant out of the freezer as an after dinner digestive/palate cleanser, or fantastic for making those classic cocktails: Tom Collins, Elderflower Collins, and (of course) superb in Prosecco!

WARNING: Only drink if you love lemon :-)

NOTE: As we use fresh lemon juice we do not filter. As such there will be bits of lemon in the spirit which will settle. Just shake well before pouring. Enjoy!

Weight 1.5 kg
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35cl, 70cl

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