Welcome to Wharf Distillery

We are an independent small-batch copper-pot distillery producing a range of exciting spirits and liqueurs from raw materials: grain for our whisky, single malts, gin and vodka, and local fruit for our brandies and apple-based liqueurs and aperitifs. We pride ourselves on crafting quality products from our beautiful farm location in the heart of the South Northamptonshire countryside, and welcome everyone to come and see how it is all done on our hand-beaten copper pot stills from Portugal.

Grain to glass distillery

Currently we are the only grain to glass distillery in Northamptonshire which means that we don’t just buy in neutral spirit to make our products, we actually ferment raw ingredients to create an initial base alcohol.

True Artisans

We are proud to craft a great range of spirits.  Our products range from English Whisky, gin, brandy, liqueurs, as well as our own range of exotic blends and flavours of liqueurs and aperitifs. Our distiller crafts new artisan spirits from a diverse range of local ingredients, all created in our handmade Portuguese copper alembic pot stills.

What We Produce

Whether you are looking for the perfect after dinner drink, or an ideal mixer for your home cocktail creations, we have amazing spirits for you to sample. Find us in local independent shops, local markets and food festivals in and around Northamptonshire, Milton Keynes and North Buckinghamshire.

Meet the Team

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    Meet the Boss

    Wharf Distillery is run by Laurence and Alice. Alice provides the creative force behind the partnership as well as being a tad more proficient on the admin side. No stranger to alcohol, Alice formerly ran a brewery before deciding that it was much nicer to make products that she personally enjoyed. Alice is also a whizz on the social media where her images of the distillery and products bring our Instagram and Facebook pages to life.
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    Meet the Distiller

    For many years Laurence contemplated what he really wanted to do with his life. Cider-making unexpectedly found Laurence when his hobby of making cider from waste apples became more serious after his cider Hard Core was crowned Champion Cider of Britain in 2011. More cider, mead and then apple brandy followed until Laurence decided to focus primarily on distilling and founded Wharf Distillery in 2014.

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To get in touch or to come and find us please visit our contact us page

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